Dualform Low Volume Panel Production and Prototyping

With over 25 years experience in the classic car restoration industry and an impressive number of National and International concours winning cars having rolled out of our workshops over the years, the one sector of intense frustration we suffered from was the necessity to invoice a customer for a day and a half or two days labour in order to get a brand new panel to fit his car.

Why was this happening?

Because of the increasing lack of quality and poor manufacturing practices of imported body panels and components.

So the answer to that frustration was the purchase of a 450 tons triple action press and the fitting of this press with a DUALFORM tooling bath which gave it a considerable scope of production , safeguarding the original detail and quality of the sample part.

British quality had been reinstated...!

In view of the very manageable size of our operation, we have been in a position to accommodate the requirements of a number of classic car clubs for small production runs of parts and panels which had been unavailable to them for years. We have likewise supplied a number of parts to a continental based aircraft manufacturer for a jet fighter refurbishment programme.

Our close co-operation over the last 15 years in a number of fields with Joseph Rhodes Ltd, the leading manufacturer of high quality industrial press machinery in Europe, enables us to tap into their colossal technical expertise as well as having their assistance to hand as and when required.

So, add that to our background of 25+ years of high quality classic car restoration and there you have it: British parts produced with British materials in Britain by Brits.

Whereas for some it all seems to be about location, location, location (i.e. where to manufacture at the lowest cost irrespective of qualitative result), quality and precision have always been the main battle horses of NHC Panels Ltd and the guarantors of its good name in the classic car industry.

And do you know what the beauty is?... That despite using local workforce and locally sourced materials and producing in mundane West Yorkshire and not exotic Far-East, most of the time we can get you the parts that you want, in a time frame that suits you, at a fraction of the price of their imported equivalent... AND you don't have to put in an enquiry for 5 gazillion units for us to give you a quote!